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Filter Replacement F9810 and F9820

This article provides details on removing and replacing the F9810 or F9820 filters used with Moen's F9800 Moen's Advance Carbon Water Filtration System.
  • The cold water supply must be turned off.
  • Recommended Tools: Filter Housing Tool that was included with the original F9800 system.
Parts Legend: 

A- Manifold Cap

B- Manifold

C- Filter Housing Tool-supplied with the F9800 system

D- Filter

E- Protective Cap

F- Housing Cap

G- Housing Waterway

H- Filter Housing: The Filter Housing Assembly (H) must be replaced every 3 years. F9805 Sump Assembly

I-Filter Life Label Sheet

J- 2 AAA Batteries

*F9805 Sump Assembly: Includes the Housing Cap, Housing Waterway, Filter Housing, and Filter Life Label Sheet


Rotate the installed Filter Housing Unit (H) clockwise 1/4 of a turn to ensure the unlocked mark aligns with the Manifold (B).

Remove the Sump Assembly (K) from the Mounting Manifold by gently dislodging the product.


Using the Filter Housing Tool (C), remove the Filter Housing (H) from the Housing Cap (F).


Lift the Housing Waterway (G) and Filter (D) from the Filter Housing (H). Discard the old filter unit.



Unwrap the new Filter (D) and slide it into Filter Housing (H), then place the Housing Waterway (G) back onto the Filter Housing (H).


Lower the Housing Cap (F) onto the Housing Waterway (G).

Thread the Housing Cap (F) onto the Filter Housing (H). If the Housing Cap gets stuck during rotation, pull up on the Housing Waterway (G) and continue to rotate the cap.


Using the Filter Housing Tool (C), tighten the  Housing Cap (F) to Filter Housing (H).




Record the date of the filter install onto the Filter Life Label Sheet (I), peel off the sheet, and place it onto the Filter Housing (H).


Install the Sump Assembly into the Mounting Manifold by inserting the product up and turning it 1/4 to secure.

Ensure the locked icon on the filter housing aligns with the mark on the manifold.

Setting The Timer Duration Switch: LED Indicator Light

Gently unscrew the Manifold Cap (A) from the Manifold (B).



Slide the battery box cover from the Manifold Cap (A). Remove and discard the 2 AAA Batteries.



Based on the filter you are installing, set the Timer Duration Switch to:



  • F9810: 500 gal/1,893 L-Approximately 6 Months
  • F9820: 845 gal/3,199 L-Approximately 12 Months

Install the new 2 AAA batteries into the Manifold Cap (A). Slide the battery box cover into place.



After batteries are installed, the attached LED lights will blink for 20 seconds to show that the batteries were properly installed. If it does not flash, remove the batteries and reinstall as shown in the previous step.


Place the Manifold Cap (A) on top of the Manifold (B) and gently screw it in until secure.

Turn the cold water supply back on and let the water run for 10 minutes to flush any debris.


For additional information on Moen's Single-Stage Filtration System, visit Carbon Filter: Single-Stage Under-Sink Advanced Water Filtration System at

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