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Filter Replacement F9910, F9920, F9930, and F9940

The filters used in the Moen 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System F9900 system have varying life cycles. The filters for Stage1 (F9910) and Stage 2 (F9920) are changed at the same time, and are expected to last approximately 6 months. The Stage 3 (F9930) filter lasts 1 to 3 years depending on water quality, and Stage 4 (F9940) about 12 months. 


The water supply shut off valves must be turned off- see article How to Turn Off the Water Supply to the Faucet.

 Parts List:

A.   Manifold

B.   Sediment Filter

C.   Pre-Carbon Filter

D   RO Filter

E.   Post-Carbon Filter

F.   Manifold Screw (x2)

G.   Tank Elbow

H.   Cold Water Tee

I.   1/4" Black Inlet Tube

J.   1/4" Blue Air Gap Tube

K.   3/8" Blue Air Gap Tube

L.  3/8" White Tank Tube

M. 3/8"Gray Outlet Tube

N. Sealant Tape

0. Screws and Nuts, Drain Saddle (x2)

P. Foam Seal

Q. Drain Saddle

R. Tank

S  Dropper

T. Large Elbows (x2)

U. Small Elbow




Replace the first two filter cartridges every six months and the third and fourth filter cartridges every 12 months, when the capacity has been exceeded, or when a noticeable decrease in water flow is observed.

  1. Position a bucket, pan, or rag under the filtration system to catch residual water.Position a bucket, pan, or rag under the filtration system to catch residual water.
  2. Turn the filter cartridge 90° counter-clockwise, and pull-down gently to remove.
  3. Discard or recycle the used filter cartridge

NOTE: Sanitization of the system is recommended whenever the RO membrane (filter cartridge #3) is replaced. For details see System Maintenance: Sanitizing System

  1. Record date of anticipated filter change onto gray field on each filter label as directed.
  2. Remove and discard the cap from the new filter cartridge.
  3. Inspect the filter cartridges for damage. Verify that both sets of 0-rings are present and are positioned correctly in the grooves.
  4. Install four filters corresponding to the symbols on the Manifold (A) and filters.

  5. Align the filter cartridge with the filter head of Manifold (A) , and press upward so the filter cartridge key engages into the filter head. Rotate the filter cartridge clockwise 90° until it stops and is securely engaged into the filter head.




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