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How To Calculate The Overhang And Reach Dimensions Of A Lavatory Faucet

The information below will help you calculate the overhang dimensions for Moen lavatory faucets. The lavatory faucet overhang or the reach of a lavatory faucet is the distance the spout extends over the sink. This is important because it will help prevent things like splashing and bumping your hands on the back of the sink. This article will provide you with a diagram and an equation indicating how to find the overhang dimension. The equation breaks down the steps to find the dimensions relative to the diagram. The diagram indicates where all the dimensions can be found.

R = C – (L + D/2)

  • R = “Reach” Overhang from back of sink
  • C = Center to Center Faucet Dimension
  • L = Mounting Lip area under the deck
  • D = Hole Diameter R

Center to Center Dimension (C) – This is the distance from the center of the faucet body to the center of the aerator. This dimension will vary between faucets and can be found on specification sheets for the faucet.

center to center.png

  • Reach (R) – The reach of the faucet is the distance the faucet overhangs from the back of the sink. (Center of aerator to the back of the sink)
  • Mounting Lip (L) – This is the edge of the sink to the edge of the mounting hole.
  • Hole Diameter (D) – This is the dimension of the mounting hole for the faucet.
Acr3621315671033670886639 copy.png
Steps to find the reach dimensions:

To obtain the center to center dimension (C), you will need to consult the specification sheet for the faucet through You will also need the details for the sink you are planning to use the faucet with.

  1. Identify the center to center dimension (C), the mounting lip dimension (L) and the hole diameter (D).
  2. Divide the hole diameter (D) by two and add this to the mounting lip (L) dimension.
  3. Take the sum from step two and subtract it from the center to center dimension (C). This will give you the reach of the faucet.

Please note the following:

  • Attached below is an example of what the overhang dimensions would look like for a Moen Weymouth lavatory faucet* based on a Kohler and a Decolav sink - not all sink dimensions will be the same as the examples provided.
  • For this example a standard hole diameter of 1.25” was used, making the radius .625”, not all hole dimensions will be the same as this example.



Kohler (K-2214-0)

18.375 x 11.625 x 8.125

D + H Dimension = 1.75

sink 2.png

Decolav (1402)

17.5 x 11.5 x 8.25

D + H Dimension = 2.625





C Dimensions