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How to Convert from a Chrome Metal Nut to a Splined Stem Extension Kit

If you are replacing an existing handle or new trim kit, this article will explain how to remove the existing internal parts and how to install a 106378 stem extension kit. This is essential to adapt the new parts to the existing deck mounted tub faucet.


If you are installing a replacement handle or new trim kit, you will need to update the interior handle mechanism. The numbered parts below will explain the process of replacing your existing handle mechanism with the 106378 Splined Stem Extension Kit.

To Disassemble your existing Handle mechanism- White Adapter with Chrome Nut, follow the number of the parts in order starting with the chrome nut (#1). Note: Escutcheon Adjuster (#5) does not need to be removed unless it is damaged. This part can be threaded higher or lower in the valve body to accommodate the handle kit.


Symbol Key Legend



pulls off.png Pulls Out

To Assemble your new Handle mechanism- Splined Stem Extension: 106378, reinstall in reverse order starting with the stem extension (#2). If needed, this stem extension (#2) can be trimmed. Note: Escutcheon Adjuster (#3): this part can be threaded higher or lower in the valve body to accommodate the handle kit.




Symbol Key Legend
threads in.png Threads In
slides in.png Slides In
Note: (#5) in disassembly & (#3) in assembly is an height adjustment piece that can be adjusted higher or lower into the valve to accept the handle. It is not necessary to remove the piece unless it has been damaged.

For additional information on Roman Tub Fillers visit Roman Tub Deck Mount: Lever or Roman Tub Deck Mount: Knob. For information on other Moen products visit and select the type of product you are repairing. The guide will contain repair details, troubleshooting and specific information on assembling handles associated with that style of product.

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