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How to Install a 150259 Hose

This article will explain how to replace a faucet hose.

Preparation: The water supply shut off valves must be turned off- see article How to Turn Off the Water Supply to the Faucet.

The 150259 hose that you were sent may look slightly different than your original hose. While they look different they are interchangeable. The hoses connection to the faucet body will either be brass or a non-metallic material.


124662 connection.png



(Note: The plastic cap has not been removed from the image)

Moen produces several types of hose to the faucet body connections. Use the chart below to determine which connection you have and how to install the 150259 hose.

Hoses Style To Disconnect To Connect

Built-In Single Quick Connect



An Integrated Single Quick Connect is a plastic connector that is permanently attached to a flexible tube that extends from the faucet body. It will have only one black or white release tab. 

1. Remove the hose weight.

2. Remove the hose from the built-in quick connect:

Built-In Single Quick Connect Types:

  • Black with white release tab-Squeeze the white tabs together and push the tabs in. Pull the hose out of the black quick connect housing. 
  • White with black release tab-Press and hold the black button to release the quick connect from the spray hose and pull the hose out of the white quick connect housing. 

3. Grab ahold of the sprayer and pull the hose out through the faucet toward you.


1. Tighten the spray wand onto the hose.

2. Insert the hose into the opening of the faucet body and feed through.

3. Remove and discard plastic cap from end of pullout hose.


4. If using a non-snap on hose weight, install the hose weight. If using a snap on hose weight, move to step 5


5. Slide the hose into the built-in quick connect:

  • Black with white release tab-Insert the hose into the built-in quick connect and press the white button in to lock the spray hose in.
  • White with black release tab-Insert the hose into the built-in quick connect. There will be an audible click to let you know the spray hose is secure.

6. To test this, gently tug on the quick connect.

7. If using a snap on hose weight, install the hose weight onto the hose on the spray wand side a few inches up from the bottom..

For additional information on Moen products visit and select the type of product you are repairing. The guide will contain repair details, troubleshooting and specific information on assembling handles associated with that style of product.

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