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Installing a Handshower on a Bracket

This article explains the steps to installing a Handshower on a bracket.


If the handshower bracket (#2) is non-metallic, thread seal tape will not be needed in this installation.

If the handshower bracket (#2) is metal, thread seal tape will be needed in this installation.


  1. Thread the handshower bracket (#2) onto the existing showerarm (#1). Make sure the other threaded portion of the handshower bracket (#2) is facing down.
  2. Insert one of the washers (#3) into one end of the hose (#4) and thread this end of the hose (#4) to the bottom of the handshower bracket (#2).
  3. Insert the second washer (#3) into the opposite end of the hose (#4).
  4. Thread the handshower (#5) to the hose (#4).
  5. The end of the hose (#4) that attaches to the handheld (#5) sits in the handheld bracket (#2). If it is a magnetix model, the backside of the top of the handheld (#5) will magnetically attach to the front of the handheld bracket (#2).

For a comprehensive guide, visit and select the type of product you are repairing. The  guide will contain specific information associated with that style of product.

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