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One Handle Deck Mount Tub Filler: Handle Assembly


Details explaining how the handle assembly is removed/assembled on a Single Handle Deck Mount Roman Tub faucet



Parts Legend:

A-Plug Button

B-Set Screw



E-Handle Sleeve

F-Cartridge Stem

G-Cartridge Nut


  1. Gently remove the plug button (A) from the handle.
  2. Using a 3/32" Hex wrench, loosen the set screw (B) until the handle (C) lifts off. 
  3. Unthread the dome (D) counter-clockwise from the cartridge nut (G).
  4. If the handle sleeve (E) is being replaced, lift it off the assembly.

To replace the cartridge see the article Cartridge Replacement: 184607 One Handle Deck Mount Tub Filler


  1. If the handle sleeve (E) was removed, slide it over the assembly.
  2. Thread the dome (D) clockwise onto the cartridge nut (G) until tight.
  3. Position the handle (C) on top of the cartridge stem (F). Using a 3/32" Hex wrench, tighten the set screw (B) and press the plug button (A) into the handle (C).

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