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Roman Tub Faucet: Leaking Under the Tub Deck

Symptom-The Deck Mounted Tub Fillers is leaking under the tub deck. 

Recommended Solution- If you have an access panel, you will need to determine where leak is coming from. Below are two examples of the most common types of valves (valve types vary by model). Any leak beyond the valve examples below would be part of the homes plumbing system, and may be coming from the Copper, PVC or PEX lines connected to the valve.

clipboard_e2f834956b754841af79cbde5c95c7084.png clipboard_ecb31a7c1a15316642cfd713cd93090b1.png clipboard_eeb239104ef2db18a08a7aba68cdb4913.png

Frequently Asked Questions-

"How do I determine which parts I need?"-There are a variety parts used in Moen deck Deck Mounted Tub Fillers, these are not interchangeable with each other. If you still have original paperwork, this may help in determining the parts needed visit Roman Tub Deck Mount: Lever or Roman Tub Deck Mount: Knob. If the previous information is inaccessible, you will have to identify your faucet, see Identify My Product on  or call 1-800-BUY-MOEN.

"Are my parts under warranty"- Moen has a faucet warranty and a parts warranty. To view the full warranty, see

For a comprehensive guide, visit and select the type of product you are repairing. The  guide will contain specific information associated with that style of product.

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