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Roman Tub Faucet: My Hand Shower is Not Diverting


Symptom: When I pull the diverter lift rod it is not sending water to the hand shower or there is a shared flow between the tub spout and hand shower.

Recommended SolutionReplace the diverter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"How do I determine which diverter I need?" -Over the years, there were a variety of diverters used in Moen Deck Mounted Tub Fillers, these are not interchangeable. Below are  the various way to help identify your diverter:

Note: If your diverter is a separate knob style diverter,  see 94854 Diverter Kit for more instruction.

Step 1: Model Number-Your original paperwork may contain your valve model number see chart below to compare.

Step 2: Year of Install-If you don't have your exact model number, the year of install may help to identify your diverter (see chart below). Keep in mind the exterior handles and spout trim may have been changed out over the years, we need the model number for the under deck rough-in valve, not the exterior trim.

Step 3: Visual Identification-This will require several steps such as: the water supply shut off valves are turned off and removing the spout, see How to Identify and Replace a Lift Rod Diverter for identifying the diverter.

Valve Model Number Year Diverter Features Installation
6999, 7999 & 8999 1993-2003
  • Parts to Order-Diverter: 94854, O-Ring: 94996 & Tool: 141003
  • Length-7"
  • Plunger-White Plastic Canister w/Black O-rings
  • Diverter Nut Material: Brass

How to Install the Diverter


9997 & 9999 2003-2008
  • Parts to Order-Diverter: 101951 & Tool: 141003
  • Length-6”
  • Plunger-Red
  • Diverter Nut Material: Brass
How to Install the Diverter
9992 & 9993 2008-2012
  • Parts to Order-Diverter: 140325 & Tool: 141003
  • Length-7"
  • Plunger-Red
  • Diverter Nut Material: White Plastic
How to Install the Diverter
9796, 9797, 9792 & 9793 2012-Present
  • Parts to Order-Diverter: 161772 & Tool: 161773
  • Length-6"
  • Plunger-Black
  • Diverter Nut Material: Brass
How to Install the Diverter

"Is my diverter under warranty" Moen has a faucet warranty and a parts warranty. To view the full warranty, see

"Can I purchase a diverter at my local home center?" - No, however, the diverter is available to purchase directly through  or by calling 1-800-BUY-MOEN.

"How do I repair a diverter?" -The plug button, diverter lift rod and spout will need to be removed in order to access the diverter for replacement see, How to Identify and Replace a Lift Rod Diverter . 

For a comprehensive guide, visit and select the type of product you are repairing. The  guide will contain specific information associated with that style of product.

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