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Carbon Filter: Single-Stage Under-Sink Advanced Water Filtration System

The Moen Single-Stage Under Sink Advanced Water Filtration System conveniently packs the similar performance of the multi-stage carbon filtration systems into one single-stage system by removing over 30 known water contaminants. 6- or 12-month replacement filter options are available for ease of maintenance.

Easy Installation: Includes all of the parts required for installation, making it DIY-friendly

Improves water taste, color and clarity:
Removes more than 30 known water contaminants

Single-stage solution: Provides a higher flow rate and contaminant removal with less filter replacement

LED indicator: Light on the unit lets you know when
it’s time to change the filter

Long-lasting: Filter capacity of 845 gallons or approximately one year in a typical at-home usage situation

What is a Carbon Water Filtration System?

Carbon systems are located before the point of water delivery. Your water supply flows through an activated carbon filter located in-line with the faucet. The filter removes chemicals, parasites, or heavy metals present in the water.

The single-stage filters are budget-friendly and easy to install.

Advanced Carbon Water Filtration System: For more Information click here

F9800: Entire System

  • Filter F9820 Included
  • Battery Included
  • Use with F7660,F7660, and F7620
  • Requires replacement filter F9810 or F9820

F9810 Filter:

  • 500 Gallon Capacity
  • Six Month Filter Life

F9820 Filter:

  • 845 Gallon Capacity
  • Twelve Month Filter Life

F9805 Water Sump:

A Sump collects the water and contains the filter for the F9800 Carbon Water Filtration System. Replacement is required every 3 years. 


Q: What are the faucet options available to use with the F9800 Carbon Filtration sku?

A: Both 3-in-1 Pulldown and SIP faucets can be used.

NEW SIP faucets (F7600SERIES) can be used WITHOUT an adapter. OLD SIPs (S55 SERIES) must have an adapter 262578.

Q: Can the new F9800 Carbon Filtration sku be used with the older version of the Moen SIP faucets?

A. Yes, with adapter kit 262578 (required)

Q: What is the flow rate for the Carbon unit when used with (a) 3-in-1 Pulldown, and (b) SIP?

A: (a/b) 0.7gpm at 60 PSI

Q: What are the replacement filter options, and how often should these be changed?

A: Two options

  • F9810 (6 months)
  • F9820 (12 months + included with initial system)

Q. Is the Filter included with the F9805 Water Sump replacement kit?

A. No, the F9805 contains the Housing Cap, Housing Waterway, Filter Housing, and Filter Life Label Sheet.

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