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Kitchen Sinks Compatibilty

Shopping For A New Moen Sink:

What material are Moen Sinks made of?
  • Stainless Steel
  • Composite Granite: Available in White, Gray, Black or Mocha. Click here for image
How do Moen sinks mount?

Many Moen sinks are dual mount allowing either undermount or drop-in installation.

  • Undermount: An undermount  sink is mounted underneath the countertop. This creates a “rimless” look and a straight surface between the surface of the sink and the surface of the counter. An undermount sink creates a seamless look and the impression of more space. This also creates a sleeker look and a more modern appearance. Click here for image  Click here for installation video
  • Drop-in: A drop-in sink is also known as a overmount or self-rimming sink, and it’s created to be simply placed inside a pre-cut hole in the cabinet. An overmount sink is the simplest solution for DIY installation since this sink is designed for easy installation.  A drop -in /self-rimming sink “sinks” into the cabinet, leaving a lip between the counter and sink. QuickMount hardware (Click here for installation videomakes installing faster and easier. Click here for image  
  • Farmhouse (Apron): An Farmhouse front sink has a distinct look because of its exposed front-facing side. It is a large sink that is fit into the counter top with the front edge of the sink being exposed. Farm sinks were designed to be added to a space cut out of the kitchen counter  Can be installed as either an undermount or drop in or have their edges flush with the countertop. Click here for image

Undermount installation video

Drop-in installation video

Drop-in with QuickMount installation video

What is sink gauge?
Sink gauge 
  • Gauge is a measurement for the steel's thickness.  The thicker the steel, the less susceptible it is to denting, bowing and noise transmission from pots and pans hitting the metal surface.The lower the gauge the thicker the sink.

Sink Series:

1600 Series=16 gauge

1800 Series=18 gauge

2000 Series=20 gauge

2200 Series=22 gauge

What size sinks does Moen make?
Sink Sizes

Standard sink sizes are 25 x 22" and 33 x 22",however, Moen makes a number of different sizes of sinks. 

Consider length, depth, width and shape of the existing hole when choosing your new sink.

Does Moen make more than a single bowl sink?
Number of Bowls
  • Single Bowl
  • Double Bowl:

         -Double-Equal Bowl: Both bowls are the same size.

         -Double-Offset Bowl: There are two bowls, but one is larger to accommodate larger pans and dishes.

         -Double-Offset Low Profile Divide Bowl: There are two bowls, but one is larger to accommodate larger pans and dishes. The divide between bowls is at a lower                          profile than most double bowl sinks.

Why is drain configuration important?
Drain Configuration

Moen offers sink with different drain configuration to meet many plumbing needs; whether it is the addition of a garbage disposal or plumbing considerations.

  • Center
  • Rear (Center)
  • Rear (Left)
  • Rear (Right)

Click here for image

Do Moen sinks come in different shapes?
Sink Shapes
  • Standard: Rectangular-shaped bowls with rounded corners. Available in single bowl, double-equal bowl and double-offset bowl sinks.
  • Round: Usually limited to bar or service sinks
  • D-Shape: One side of the sink (typically the side facing the kitchen) is flattened and the opposite side (where the faucet sits) is rounded. Available in single bowl, double-equal bowl and double-offset bowl sinks.
  • Zero Radius: All four corners are square, similar to a box. Available in single bowl, double-equal bowl and double-offset bowl sinks.
What is sink faucet hole configuration?
Sink Faucet Hole configuration

Moen's sinks are available with different faucet hole configurations.

Click here for image

Do Moen sinks have noise reduction?

 Moen stainless steel sinks have Soundshield. 

Soundshield is exceptional noise reduction and quiet dependability

  • Offers condensation protection
  • Surface coverage application verses pad type application
  • Reduced vibration 

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