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How To Hardwire A Disposal


video icon.pngHow to Hardwire a Garbage Disposal

Recommended Tools:       

 hardwire tools needed small.png

 You May Need To Purchase

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 For added safety, turn off electrical power at circuit breaker or fuse box.

hardire remove plate.png

1. With power supply turned off, remove metal plate
on the bottom of the disposal.   

hardwire clip 4.png

2. Remove clip with needle nose pliers or flathead
screwdriver from the strain relief piece of the cord,
and remove cord.

hardwire cut white cord.png          

3. Cut white and black wires off close to the connectors.                                                                  

hardwire cut green.png

4. Pull cord out of housing. Cut green ground wire close to the cord strain relief.

hardwire insert cable conn.png

5. Insert cable connector (not included) into the access hole and secure by tightening the nut.


hardwire strip wires.png

6. Strip the black, white and green wire coating from
last 1/2" of each wire.

hardwire from wall.png

7. From wall, insert power supply cable through the
connector and tighten connector.                                                                                                           

hardwire wire to wire.png

8. Connect internal disposal wire leads to coordinating wire lead from electrical source. Connect white to white, black to black or red, and green ground wire to the ground lead with wire nuts (not included).

hardwire plate back on.png

9. Push wires into the disposal and replace the metal
bottom plate (do not displace plastic shield
with label).            





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