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How To Hardwire A Disposal


video icon.pngHow to Hardwire a Garbage Disposal

If you are not familiar with electrical power and procedures, call a qualified electrician.


Tools Needed:

Below Deck:

This disposer must be connected to a ground, metal, permanent wiring system; or an equipment-grounding conductor must be run with the circuit conductors and connected to the equipment-grounding terminal or lead on the disposer.

  • Connect disposal into properly grounded outlet (see hardwiring instructions below).
    • Outlet must be 110-120 volt, 60 Hz AC current only.
    • If a properly grounded 110-120 volt, 60Hz AC outlet is not available, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician.

Above Deck:

  • Outlet must be controlled by a dedicated wall switch with a marked "off" position, and have a proper switch installed by a qualified electrician.
    • Wall switches are generally located on the wall behind the sink
  • Switch must be mounted within sight of sink opening or disposal

Turn power off at circuit breaker or fuse box.

  1. Remove metal plate on the bottom of the disposal. Image
  2. Cut the white neutral and black hot wires close to the connectors and cut the green ground wire just before the groove where the cord enters the disposal. Image
  3. Pull the electrical cord out of the housing. Image
  4.  Install cable connector (not included) into the access hole and secure it by tightening the nut. Image
  5.  From wall, insert power supply cable through the connector and tighten connector. Image
  6. Connect internal disposal lead wires to coordinating wire lead from electrical source. Connect white to white, black to black or red, and green ground wire to the ground lead with wire nuts (not included). Image
  7.  Push wires into disposal and replace the metal bottom plate (Do not displace plastic shield with label). Image




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