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Did your Soil Sensor get disconnected?

If your power goes out, your device will not be able to communicate to the Moen app or Soil Sensors. Please check your Wi-Fi router to ensure it is still functioning. You will need to reconnect the device to the network by tapping the “Reconnect” button on your Devices screen. This will send you through the steps to reconnect your Monitor to Wi-Fi. First, you will need to reset the controller. Hold down the button on the front of the controller for a few seconds. You should hear one beep immediately and then another one a few seconds later. After resetting your controller, wait to see if your soil sensors appear in your account. If they don't, reset your Smart Wireless Soil Sensor by holding a magnet to it for 25 seconds, and try again. (Magnets not included.)

If none of these solutions resolve your disconnection issue, please access the Support page from the Settings page within the Smart Water Network application for additional assistance.

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