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What Is Smart Watering and how does it work?

Smart Watering helps your zones maintain optimal watering schedules based on local weather and landscape conditions. Our Smart Watering schedule option modifies irrigation schedules based on evapotranspiration (ET)
principles, which are a function of weather conditions and plant type. ET is the quantity of moisture that is both transpired by a plant (i.e., the water vapor released from its leaves) and evaporated from the soil and plant surfaces. It adjusts irrigation schedules based on attributes in the landscape (e.g., plant type, soil type, slope) and local weather. The data that determines when the system will water is provided either by a weather sensor located on the landscape or via a signal from a nearby weather station. As a result, Smart Watering automatically reduces the watering times on days when less water is needed, typically during the cooler months or when rainfall is plentiful. 

Our Smart Watering schedule option is WaterSense certified. For more information on Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers visit