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What Is Smart Watering and how does it work?

How do I turn on and use Smart Watering?

What is the difference between Smart Watering and other advanced details such as Weather Based Skips?

Can I accommodate for local watering restrictions?

Can I share my controller with other users such as my family, lawn pro or gardener?

How do I connect to a my own or a local weather station?

How do I create a standard schedule?

How do I customize my Cycle-Soak durations for a zone?

How do I enable soil sensor-based skips in a schedule?

How do I register my products for warranty?

How do I update my seasonal adjustments?

How do I update my Smart Wireless Soil Sensors' moisture and temperature thresholds in the app?

How do I update my weather thresholds?

How do I water using a Smart Wireless Soil Sensor?

How do I winterize my system?

Managing Alerts

Watering History

What are the default soil sensor thresholds based off?

What do I do if my wireless soil sensor frequently loses signal to my controller?

What do the LED indicator lights mean on my controller?




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