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How do I water using a Smart Wireless Soil Sensor?

As an owner of Moen's Smart Sprinkler Controller, you have the benefit of adding a Smart Wireless Soil Sensor(s) for precision watering in a zone with a specific soil type through a manual or scheduled run. Another added benefit of using a Smart Wireless Soil Sensor(s) is if the soil's moisture does not meet the set soil moisture threshold, your system will run as scheduled ensuring you are only watering exactly when the zone needs it for its specified soil type.
To incorporate a Smart Wireless Soil Sensor(s) with your Smart Sprinkler Controller, you will first need to pair the Smart Wireless Soil Sensor(s) to the Smart Sprinkler Controller. Visit for help on pairing.  Once they are paired, you may need to update the Smart Wireless Soil Sensor moisture and temperature thresholds for specific soil types within a zone. Visit on updating soil moisture and temperature thresholds. 
The final step for using a Smart Wireless Soil Sensor(s) during watering is to setup a schedule that you can customize and change at any time. To get help with scheduling and customization of that schedule, please go to .

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