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How do I winterize my system?

When the watering season is over, we recommend contacting your irrigation company to drain your system in order to protect it from freezing.  In preparation for your appointment, here are a few tips:
1. Check to ensure there are no zone fault detections which would indicate some type of damage with your system beforehand. 
2. Ensure you or someone from your household is available during the appointment  in order to assist with the irrigation by controlling your zone(s) during the blowout process.
Note: The Moen Smart Water Network application does not allow for multiple user accounts to access the Smart Sprinkler Controller. Therefore, you will either have to be home during the appointment or provide the service person with your login credentials.
Once your irrigation system blowout has been completed, you will need to disable your scheduled watering or edit your Seasonal Adjustments settings.  To disable your schedule, access the Settings tab and within the Settings area toggle off the Schedules Enabled. To edit Seasonal Adjustments, access Settings tab and within the Settings area, tap the Weather tile, Seasonal Adjustments tile, and set value to 0%.

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