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How do I customize my Cycle-Soak durations for a zone?

As an owner of Moen's Smart Sprinkler Controller, you have the ability to customize the Cycle Run and Soak Delay duration for any zone for a variety of Soil Types. To customize a zone, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Open the Moen Smart Water Network application and tap the Smart Sprinkler Controller icon.
  2. Navigate to the Zones tab.
  3. Select a zone.
  4. Tap the Zone Details tile.
  5. Tap on the Soil Type tile.  
  6. Select the type of soil type the Smart Wireless Soil Sensor has been installed before expanding the Advanced Details area to display the default Cycle Run and Soak Delay duration times. You can adjust the defaults using the slider or by manually entering a numeric value in the duration box
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