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How do I create a standard schedule?

As an owner of Moen's Smart Sprinkler Controller, you have the ability to create a watering schedule that can be customize when created or at a later date.  To do this, please follow the steps below:
1. Open the Moen Smart Water Network application and tap the Smart Sprinkler Controller icon.
2. From the Overview page, navigate to the Schedules tab and tap the Add New Schedule button.
3. Within the Select Zones page, select the zone(s) for scheduling and tap the Continue button.
4. Within the Schedule Details page you can edit the following:
--Schedule Name
--Advanced Details
If you need additional information on scheduling with the schedule's Advanced details, please visit the following links:
Weather Thresholds - 
Seasonal Adjustments - 
Cycle/ Soak Durations - 
5. Tap the Continue button to edit the in which the zones run and the duration of that run if you choose to.
6. Tap the Create Schedule button to complete the setup process and see the newly created schedule within the Schedules tab.

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