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What do I do if a zone or multiple zones aren't being detected during set up?

Check your wiring and ensure that the zones are correctly wired. In case of a zone fault, verify your terminal connections on the controller and valve. Next, look for a disconnect in your wire. On rarer occasions, the disconnect may still be within the valve itself. Then, look for the fault valve or crossed wires on the controller. To verify the valve, move the valve, but not the wiring, to another zone. The fault will transfer to the new zone if the valve is bad. Finally, consult a professional to repair your valve. 

If you are receiving notifications for a zone about a possible fault detected, check the wiring to ensure they are not crossed wired and are properly connected to the zone(s) and Master Valve terminals on the Smart Sprinkler Controller. If the wiring to the terminal is correct, check the Master Valve (MV). On rare occasions the issue may be within the MV itself.  To verify this, without changing the wire connection of the MV to the Smart Sprinkler Controller, move the MV from its current zone to another zone. If the MV continues to notify you of a fault detected, you will need to consult a professional to repair the MV.

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