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Snag_eaba8ca.pngI'm having trouble linking my voice assistant/ my voice assistant isn't responding.

Can’t connect your Controller to Wi-Fi?

Cannot find your Moen smart device in your Wi-Fi list?

Cannot operate Controller using smart phone?

Did your Controller get disconnected?

Did your Soil Sensor get disconnected?

How can I power cycle?

How do I add my Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller to the Moen Smart Water App?

Is this your first time setting up your Controller and the blue and amber lights are not flashing?

My Soil Sensor's battery is low

My zone has a fault detected (high or low), what do I do?

Not seeing your home Wi-Fi when setting up for the first time?

What do I do if a zone or multiple zones aren't being detected during set up?

What do I do if I have leftover wires from my original controller set up?

What do the LED lights mean?

Where can I find my QR code?





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