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Cannot find your Moen smart device in your Wi-Fi list?

If the Smart Sprinkler Controller cannot be found in your Wi-Fi list during setup through the Moen Smart Water Network application, you may need to reset the Smart Sprinkler Controller back to its factory default settings.  To do so, please follow the steps below:
1. Cancel out of the current setup mode
2. With the front cover removed from the Smart Sprinkler Controller, press and hold the reset button to hear the first beep and then two consecutive beeps a few seconds later -- The LED button will be flashing Blue/Amber indicating setup mode has been engaged.
3. From the Moen Smart Water Network application home screen, tap the plus '+' symbol and within the Quick Add popup, tap Add a Device
5. Select the Smart Sprinkler Controller and then Register your device tile
6. Successfully scan the QRC on the device to capture your account information
7. Enter Birth year and tap the arrow '-->' icon to finish registration of your Smart Sprinkler Controller
8. Tap Customize Device button edit the Device Nickname if you choose to
9. Tap the arrow '-->' button, verify your home location is correct before tapping the Continue button
10. Click the Skip step pill button and then tap the Set-up your network connection tile, the arrow '-->' button, Wi-Fi Settings button to display the Internet list
11. Locate and tap Moen-Sprinkler-xxxxx to hear the beep indicating a connection
13. Return to the app and select your Wi-Fi network and click the arrow '-->' button
14. A beep will sound indicating the connection to your network
15. Wait until another beep sounds and the LED on the Smart Sprinkler Controller is green, tap the Green Light button, and then tap Fine Tune Your Device to initiate and complete any Firmware updates and zone Detections
16. Tap the Continue button and then Finish Setup button

If you wish to connect the Smart Sprinkler Controller to your smart home, continue with Step 5. If not, tap the Skip this step button to be returned to Moen Smart Water Network application home screen where your Smart Sprinkler Controller displays connected.

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