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Managing Alerts

When your Moen smart water product has the ability to alert you in certain situations. Alerts are categorized into three severity levels - Critical Alerts, Warning Alerts, and Informative Alerts.

Critical Alerts

Critical alerts are alerts that require your immediate attention, such as a water event that may cause damage to your home. When you receive a critical alert, it is strongly recommended to check the Moen Smart Water Network app for more details and take immediate action.

Warning Alerts

Warning alerts are alerts that do not require immediate attention, such as a low battery. When you receive a warning alert, it is recommended to check the Moen Smart Water Network app for more details and take action when appropriate.

Informative Alerts

Informative alerts are alerts that provide additional information about the operations of your Moen smart water product.

Alert Center

Alert Center provides an overview of all alerts generated by your Moen smart water products.

Notification Preferences

You can select what type of notification you wish to receive for each alert under device settings.

Alert notifications can be sent by push notification to your mobile device, email, or if a mobile phone number is provided via SMS or phone call.

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