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Manual Override for Water Softeners

If you are receiving alerts for regularly scheduled water events, such as heavy irrigation or the infrequent running of a water softener, you can add a Manual Override for a specific time to monitor your home with your own settings. With some time, FloSense™ will learn from this manual schedule and adopt it in its settings so that you will not be alerted for this type of event in the future.

To add a Manual Override, in the Flo by Moen app go to your Device Settings and, Under "Advanced Features", select FloSense™.

Select the "+" below "Add a Manual Override".

You will then be prompted to fill out information for your Manual Override.

Manual Override 01.png

Step 1: Give the Override a name.
You can name the Override "Water Softener" or a different name that you will remember.

Steps 2: Enter a "Start time" and an "End time” for FloSense not to send an alert.
For example. Start time: 2 a.m. End time: 4 a.m.

Most water softeners regenerate around 2 a.m., however, the cycle duration may vary depending on the brand.

If you are unsure about the time or cycle duration, contact the water softener manufacturer or create a 2-hour time window to accommodate for the expected water usage from the regeneration. Most water softeners should regenerate within a 2-hour time window.

Step 3: Select the days when you expect the cycle to run. 
If your water softener runs on odd days or if the regeneration is based on water usage, select all days to allow the softener to run on any day.

Manual Override 02.png

Step 4: Enter your Alert Thresholds.

Flow Rate Limit: This is how fast water flows during the regeneration cycle. Most softeners do not flow faster than 10 gpm (gallons per minute).

Water Usage Limit: The water usage limit depends on your tank capacity. Most softeners will not exceed 150 gallons per regeneration.

Water Duration Limit: How long the cycle is expected to run for. Most water softeners run within a 2-hour time window. NOTE: The water duration limit has to be entered in seconds. For example, 2 hours is equal to 7200 seconds.

We recommend checking with the manufacturer to set up these 3 parameters, as they can vary based on the brand and tank capacity.

Manual Override 03.png

Step 5: Choose the system mode you would like the Manual Override to apply to.

Home mode is selected by default.

If you expect the water softener to cycle to regenerate when using Away Mode, then we would recommend also checking "Away".

Step 6: Shutoff after an Alert.

You can enable or disable the Automatic Shutoff feature during the time window selected.

WARNING: If you disable the Automatic Shutoff Feature (disable “Shutoff After an Alert”), you will receive a notification if one of the thresholds is reached, however, the valve will not shut off. We recommend keeping automatic shutoff enabled in case a leak occurs.

Step 7: Save Changes.
After the Manual Override is saved, you can edit or remove it.

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