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Manual Override


We recommend adding a Manual Override for any water event that recurs on a normal schedule but that FloSense™ is recognizing as abnormal because it may yield larger or less frequent water events than what it is typically used to.

If you are receiving alerts for regularly scheduled water events, such as heavy irrigation or the infrequent running of a water softener, you can add a manual override for a specific time period to monitor your home with your own settings. With some time, FloSense™ will learn from this manual schedule and adopt it in its settings so that you won't be alerted for this type of event in the future.

Manual Overrides run on a schedule and, when there are two or more that have overlapping time periods, they need to be prioritized. The Override positioned higher on the list will be the one applied to override FloSense™. In these cases, we recommend positioning the Override with the higher water event alert thresholds (for larger water events) higher on the list.

During the time range set for the manual override, FloSense will not send an alert. We also recommend always keeping automatic shutoff enabled in case a leak occurs."

To add a Manual Override, go to your Device Settings and, Under "Advanced Features", select FloSense™.

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