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Sleep Mode

This article includes detailed information on the: 

  • Flo by Moen app, also known as the Smart Water Network app or the Moen Smart Water app 
  • Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, also known as the Flo by Moen Water Shutoff 



Sleep Mode is a system mode that ignores all proactive and real-time tests, parameters, and quiets all alarm notifications, effectively putting the Flo System to sleep. Sleep Mode should only be used when the home is experiencing or will experience irregular water usage which may trigger an undesired alarm. For example, Sleep Mode may be used when washing a car, refilling a swimming pool, having guests over the home, all of which may cause more water than considered normal to be used and may trigger a critical alarm.

**Following initial installation of the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, the Smart Water Network may start in Sleep Mode to learn the home’s water habits before being set in Home Mode.

We recommend setting the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff to Sleep Mode in advance of any anticipated water usage event that you want to block alerts for, including automatic shutoff.

System modes menu in the Device homepage

For example, Sleep Mode may be particularly useful when washing a car, refilling a swimming pool, or when entertaining guests in your home. All of these events may cause excess water use and may trigger a critical alert.

Remember, FloSense™ only learns from water events when they are complete events and not interrupted by the automatic shutoff feature. Let’s say for example that you normally take a 30-minute shower, but for some reason today you decide to take a 1-hour long shower. Since FloSense™ has learned that you typically take a 30-minute shower, it will send a critical alert after 30 minutes and shut off your water (if the alert is not cleared). When the water is shut off, FloSense™ considers it a job well done and your home has been protected from catastrophic water damage. How would it know that you wanted to take a 1-hour shower this time?

For this reason, Sleep Mode can be especially useful because it ensures that FloSense™ can learn from the water event by blocking all alerts and the shutoff feature, thereby allowing the water event to complete. Once FloSense™ is able to observe the entire event a couple times, it will learn from it and by doing so, Sleep Mode can be used as a temporary Learning Mode whenever you need it.

Flo will not send you alerts or automatically shut off your water while in Sleep Mode as a “Do Not Disturb” option

System modes can be changed in the App home screen.

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