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Using FloSense

This article includes detailed information on the Flo by Moen app, also known as the Smart Water Network app or the Moen Smart Water app. 

Alert Sensitivity Slider

We recommend adjusting the sensitivity slider if you feel that FloSense™ is sending false alarms, and you are not sure which water event is causing this to happen (or when these events will occur).


In the event of unusual activity, FloSense™ will trigger an alert to notify you via the Flo by Moen app. In the Device Settings page of the App, you can manage the level of responsiveness of the system to trigger alerts with the Alert Sensitivity Bar. By moving the slider bar to the left, you are decreasing the sensitivity to receive alerts and subsequently shut off the water. Alternatively, by moving the slider bar to the right, you are increasing the sensitivity to permit more alerts for added protection.

To adjust the Alert Sensitivity, go to your Device Settings and, Under "Advanced Features", select FloSense™.

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