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Multi-Location: Managing FloProtect in multiple Locations

This article includes detailed information on the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, also known as the Flo by Moen Water Shutoff. 

FloProtect, our optional add-on to the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff system is associated with specific a location(s). You can now add FloProtect to each location for additional features and protection.

If you have multiple devices in one location, the devices in this location will have the additional features and protection available through your FloProtect subscription. 

To add FloProtect to a specific location follow these steps:

Step 1


Press the Hamburger_icon.svg.png(Menu) icon on the top left of the screen, choose your Location and select "Activate FloProtect"

Step 2


Activate your FloProtect Subscription

Step 3


Login into your Flo by Moen Account and add your payment information to activate FloProtect for your Location. 

FloProtect is now active!


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