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147208 Cartridge: 3/4" Exact Temp System (After 2009)

This article will give step-by-step instructions on how to replace a 147208 cartridge in a multi-handle vertical spa using the 3/4" Exact Temp valve system.


3371 gen 2 breakdown.png


  1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the Phillips screw (#1).
  2. Remove the override actuator (#2) and spring (#3).
  3. Use pliers on the flats of the large retaining nut (#4) to remove and then repeat for the small retaining nut (#5).
  4. Remove the temperature limit stop (#6).
  5. Position pliers on the two flat areas of the cartridge (#7) to pull the cartridge (#7) out.



  1. Line the notch on the cartridge (#7) with the slot on the valve body (#8) and slide the cartridge (#7) in.
  2. Line the notch on the temperature limit stop (#6) with the slot on the valve body (#8) and slide the temperature limit stop (#6) in.
  3. Use pliers to tighten the small retainer nut (#5) followed by the large retainer nut (#4).
  4. Slide the spring (#3) onto the assembly.
  5. Line up notch on the underside of the override actuator (#2) with the notch on the top of the temperature limit stop (#6) so that the notches sit next to each other and slide the temperature limit stop (#2) on.

    Front of Temperature Limit Stop (#6)

    top of temp limit stop.png

    Back of the override actuator (#2)

    underside of override actuator.png

  6. Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the Phillips screw (#1). Be careful not to over tighten.

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