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Vertical Spa: 3/4" Exact Temp

Vertical Spa: 3/4" Exact Temp
The 3/4" ExactTemp system uses thermostatic technology to provide precise temperature control and offers high output capability to supply multiple showering devices. A single ExactTemp Thermostatic valve can be plumbed with up to four Volume Control valves. Each Volume Control valve can operate a different device: showerhead, hand shower, tub spout, or body sprays (maximum four per system).
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1. 3/4" Exact Temp-Volume Control Lever

The volume control levers are each assigned to a specific shower component. Their functions include:

  • Turning the device on and off
  • Determining the flow of water from the device

2. 3/4" Exact Temp-Thermostatic Lever

The thermostatic lever allows you to choose your desired temperature for the entire shower system by rotating counter-clockwise. By depressing the override button in the center you increase the high end temperature range.

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