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130156 Cartridge: 3/4" Exact Temp System (Prior to 2009)

This article will give step-by-step instructions on how to replace a 130156 cartridge in a multi-handle vertical spa using the 3/4" Exact Temp valve system.




  1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to unthread the screw (#1) counter-clockwise.
  2. Remove the override actuator (#2) by rotating it clockwise until it stops and then gently pull it off. Slide the spring (#3) off.
  3. Remove the temperature limit stop (#4) by pulling it off.
  4. To avoid damaging the retainer nut (#5), position pliers on the flat edges of the retaining nut (#5) and unthread it counter-clockwise to remove.
  5. To remove the cartridge (#6), use pliers on the hexagonal sides (see Image 1) and unthread it counter-clockwise approximately 12 times. Pull the cartridge (#6) out.

    Image 1



1. Insert the cartridge into the valve body (#7) pushing it back as far as it will go. Use pliers on the hexagonal sides of the cartridge (#6) and rotate clockwise until tight.

2. Place the retainer nut (#5) on the valve body (#7) with the flat edges away from the valve body (#7). Position pliers on the flat edges of the retainer nut (#5) and rotate clockwise until tight.

3. Position the temperature limit stop (#4, see Image 2) and push it onto the front of the assembly.

Image 2

Take special note of the location of the raised lip. Snag_121e5ed.png

4. Before proceeding, take notice of the tab on the back of the override actuator (#2). The tab will need to be positioned to the right of the raised lip (see Image 2) on the front of the temperature limit stop (#4). To make Step 5 easier, position the screw (#1) inside the override actuator (#2).


Tab on the Back of the Override Actuator (#2)


5. While holding the spring (#3) in place and with the override actuator (#2) positioned (as explained in Step 4) over the front of the assembly, tighten the screw (#1) clockwise.


To reassemble the handle, see Shower Handle: 3/4" Exact Temp-Thermostatic Lever.

If after reassembling the handle you notice that the water temperature is over 120 degrees, you can adjust it by viewing How to Re-calibrate a 3/4" Exact Temp System.

For additional information on 3/4" Exact Temp, visit Vertical Spa: 3/4" Exact Temp at

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