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How to Re-calibrate a 3/4" Exact Temp System

Example of a 3/4" Exact Temp system:


This article gives step by step instructions on calibrating the 3/4" Exact Temp System.


  • The water supply shut off valves must be turned off- see article How to Turn Off the Water Supply to the Faucet.
  • Recommended Tools: Flathead Screwdriver
  • The following instructions assume the handle and associated handle pieces have been removed. For additional details, visit and select the type you are repairing. The faucet guide will contain specific information on handle assemblies associated with that style of product.



If the temperature is higher than 120o F, the valve must be calibrated to a lower temperature. 

  1. To lower the maximum temperature, rotate the temperature stem (#2) from the hottest position 9 o'clock clockwise to the safety stop position at 12 o'clock (this is 1/4 of a turn). The temperature stem (#2) will pop out when the proper position is reached. Continue rotating the temperature stem (#2) clockwise from the 12 o'clock position to the 2 o'clock position. 
  2. While holding the temperature stem (#2) to prevent it from rotating, remove the screw (#1) turning it counterclockwise. Pull the temperature stem (#2) from the valve without rotating.
  3. Rotate the temperature stem (#2) from the 2 o'clock position counterclockwise back to the 12 o'clock position.
  4. Replace the temperature stem (#2) in the new position and secure it with the screw (#1). 
  5. Test the temperature of the water. If it is still over 120o F, repeat steps 2 and 3 to lower the maximum temperature.


For a comprehensive guide, visit and select the type of product you are repairing. The  guide will contain specific information associated with that style of product.

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