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Two Handle Shower: M-Core 4 Series Valve


The M-Core collection offers one and two handle shower options. The system is identified by the series number. The 4 series is unique in that it has two handles that are stacked in front of each other. The M-Core Series are not all serviced the same way so you will need to confirm the series you are working with. If you know the system in your home is an M-Core, continue to Which M-Core Series do you have. To view the full line of Moen shower systems, see How to Identify Tub and Shower Systems.

1- Temperature Handle: Operating this handle allows you to set your desired water temperature.

2- Flow Handle: This handle turns the water on and off and controls the volume of water.

Which M-Core Series do you have? 
To service your product, use the chart below to determine your series.




2 Series


3 Series


4 Series


How many handles does your shower system have? 1 Handle 1 Handle 2 Handles

What function does your handle(s) control and how do you operate the handle(s)?

Rotates for on/off and temperature

Rotates for temperature and tilts up and down for on/off and volume

Outer/Longer handle rotates for on/off/volume

Inner/Shorter handle rotates for temperature control

Does your system offer volume control? No Yes Yes
Cartridge Part Number 1212 1213 1214
Anti-Scald Technology Pressure Balanced Pressure Balanced Thermostatic/Pressure Balanced
Where can I find more Information? For details see Single Handle Shower: M-Core Valve2 Series articles For details see Single Handle Shower: M-Core Valve, 3 Series articles Recommended Articles in this guide


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