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Single Handle Shower: M-Core Valve

In order to repair or service your shower system, you will need to determine which type of rough-in valve, M-Core Series and interior handle mechanism your shower system has. Follow the steps and use the charts below: Example Shower Rough-in Valve: 3 Port , M-Core Series: 2, Handle Mechanism: Direct Connect

  We recommend you make note of this information in your records for future maintenance of your M-Core product.

Step 1: Which type of Shower Rough-in Valve do you have?
Shower Only:  3 Port Rough-in valve    Tub and Shower4 Port Rough-in valve
Step 2: Which M-Core Series of cartridge and trim do you have? 

  Can you adjust the volume or force of water that comes out of your shower system?

Yes, I have volume control

This is an M-Core 3 Series- A 3 Series M-Core handle rotates to adjust the water temperature and tilts up and down to adjust the force or volume exiting the showerhead or tub spout.

Hot and Cold Indicators on a 3 SeriesSnag_3497d267.png

 Cartridge 1213  

 No, I cannot adjust the flow 

This is an M-Core 2 Series- A 2 Series M-Core handle rotates only to adjust the water temperature, the system only provides one level of water pressure

Hot and Cold Indicators on a 2 SeriesSnag_3497f08e.png

Cartridge 1212

If your information does not seem to match the M-Core Series details in Step 2, you may have one of the following valves

Standard Valve

Escutcheon Screws


Handle Operation:

Push/Off-Pull /On and Flow Control


Moentrol Valve

Escutcheon Screws


Handle Operation:

Push/Off-Pull /On and Flow Control


PosiTemp Valve

Escutcheon Screws


Handle Operation

Rotate Only

No Volume Control

Step 3: Which Style of Handle Mechanism do you have? (This information will be necessary for cartridge installation)  
  • Caution: The main water supply to the Shower must be turned off to remove this handle.
  • Removing the Handle Set Screw requires a 3/32" Hex wrench

Direct Connect Handle Mechanism 


The handle screw will tighten against the square white stem of the cartridge (1).

Multi-Piece Handle Mechanism Type A 


The handle screw will tighten to the white stem of the cartridge (1). The handle hub (3) in this mechanism is connected to the gray plastic handle adapter (2). The handle hub (3) is then snapped to the assembly.

Multi-Piece Handle Mechanism Type B 


The handle screw will tighten against the white stem of the cartridge (1). This handle mechanism does not use a handle hub. The gray plastic handle adapter (2) snaps into the assembly.

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