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A Comparison of M-Core, PosiTemp and Moentrol Valves?


M-Core 2 Series

Temperature Only

M-Core 3 Series 

Volume and Temperature


Temperature Only


Volume and Temperature

What year was the valve introduced? 2021 2020 1985 1970's
Is it an M-Pact System? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Is it Pressure Balanced? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Is the trim compatible with other Moen valves? No No No No
What outlet is the product sold through? Wholesale Wholesale Retail/Wholesale Wholesale
Is there a Limited Lifetime Warranty? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can you adjust the volume or force of the water that comes out out of your shower system? No Yes No Yes
Does the cartridge come with the valve or trim? Trim Trim Valve Valve
What is the cartridge service kit number? 1212 1213 1222 1225
How does the handle operate? Rotate Only Lift and Rotate Rotate Only Push/Pull and Rotate

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