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Can I Replace an M-Core 2 Series with a 3 Series?



Is it possible to upgrade my M-Core 2 Series shower system to a 3 Series?

The M-Core shower systems offers a 2 Series cycling valve and a 3 Series upgrade that includes volume control. The information below provides basic details.

1. Would I have to change out my valve body (rough-in)? No, it is not necessary to open the wall or change the valve body.
2. What changes it from a 2 Series to a 3 Series? The valve body in the wall will stay the same. The decorative trim kit includes a water flow cartridge that replaces the one in your current valve system. This will upgrade the functionality to a 3 Series.
3. Would I have to change out my handle? Yes, the 2 Series and 3 Series offers different functionalities therefore the handle is replaced.
4. Would I have to change out my flow cartridge? Yes, the 2 Series and 3 Series offer different flow functions.
5. What do I need to purchase to change from a 2 Series to a 3 Series? As we mentioned in question 1, the valve body will be re-used. You would need to purchase a new 3 Series trim kit. A 3 Series trim kit includes the decorative handle, escutcheon and 3 function flow cartridge part number 1213.
6. What is the difference between a 2 Series and a 3 Series? See Article What is the Difference Between an M-Core Valve 2 and 3 Series
7. Are the M-Core shower systems Vertical Spa compatible? For more information on Vertical Spa designs, see Moen's Shower Planning Guide.

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