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How to Identify Your M-Core Cartridge

Preparation: This guide does not require you to turn the Water supply shut off valves for this process, however if you take the product apart, The Water supply shut off valves must be turned off, see Article How to Turn Off the Water Supply to the Faucet.

The single handle M-Core systems includes two distinct Series, each having unique features and different flow cartridges. Unlike the Moentrol and PosiTemp systems where the cartridge is included with the valve, the M-Core flow cartridge is included with the trim kit.

To assist with identifying your M-Core shower system, the installation guide provided with the trim kit will have the Series number located in the title or compare it to the details below. 

2 Series (Installed After Spring 2021)-No Volume Control


Temperature indicators (styles vary) located at the 3 O'clock position.

2 series trim.png

Escutcheon Screws:

No Escutcheon Screws

Handle Operation:

Rotates only-adjusts water temperature

Cartridge Number:

1212 (gray)


How to install a 1212:

Video InstructionInstallation Help at, Video Titled: M-Core 2-Series Cartridge Replacement

Shower Only1212 M-Core Cartridge 2 Series: 3 Port Valve

Tub and Shower1212 M-Core Cartridge 2 Series: 4 Port Valve

3 Series (Installed After Fall 2020)-Volume Control


Temperature indicators (styles vary) located located at the 9 O'clock and 3 O'clock positions.

3 series trim.png

Escutcheon Screws:

No Escutcheon Screws

Handle Operation:

  • Rotates-adjusts water temperature
  • Pushed in and out-adjusts force or volume exiting the showerhead or tub spout

Cartridge Number:

1213 (blue)


How To install a 1213:

Video Instruction: Installation Help at, Video Titled M-CORE 1213 Cartridge Replacement.

Shower Only1213 M-Core Cartridge 3 Series: 3 Port Valve

Tub and Shower1213 M-Core Cartridge 3 Series: 4 Port Valve


For additional help on identifying your Moen shower system, visit Tub and Shower Systems or for additional information on M-Core shower products, visit Single Handle Shower: M-Core at

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