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Vertical Spa: 1/2" Exact Temp

Vertical Spa: 1/2" Exact Temp
The 1/2" ExactTemp valve (2000-2009) uses thermostatic technology for precise temperature control and high-volume capability to feed multiple showering devices. The 3301 Exact Temp Valve was often paired with a 3500 Five Function Transfer Valve. This valve combination allowed up to four devices to be operated individually or for two predetermined devices to run simultaneously, providing the fifth function. These devices include showerheads, hand showers, tub spouts and body sprays.
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1. 3500 Five Function Transfer Valve Handle

The transfer handle is designed to divert water from one shower device to another (example: body sprays to a showerhead)

2. 1/2" Exact Temp Handle

The thermostatic handle allows you to precisely control the temperature with the turn of the knob.

3. 1/2" Exact Temp Handle

The flow handle operates the on and off function of the system and controls the volume of the water.

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