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Vertical Spa: Moentrol with Integrated Transfer Valve

Vertical Spa: Moentrol with Integrated Transfer Valve

The Moentrol with Integrated Transfer Valve was introduced in 2000 to support small vertical spa systems with two shower devices, examples: body sprays (one device), showerhead, handheld shower. It was originally introduced with the 3320 (IPS) and 3330 (CC) three function rough-in valves. In 2012, Moen added the 3350 (CC) two function rough-in valve to the collection.

1- Transfer Handle: By rotating the handle, you can direct the flow of water between the shower devices.

2- Temperature/Flow Handle: By pulling out or pushing in the handle, you can turn the water on and off and control the volume of water. Adjust the water temperature by rotating the handle.

Note: If your upper handle adjusts the temperature and the lower handle turns the water on and off, visit Vertical Spa: 1/2" Exact Temp for service and repair information.

To provide accurate information on your system, we will need to verify which valve is installed in your home. The easiest way is by researching your paperwork, installation manuals, or invoices for the valve numbers (3320,3330 or 3350).  Model numbers beginning with T or TS refer to the exterior trim (handle and escutcheon/backplate) and unfortunately will not be useful for valve identification.

General Valve Information
Valve Intro Functions Cartridges

3320 (IPS), 3330 (CC)


These back plates are commonly referred to as egg and oval shaped. Please note the egg-shaped plate was only used on the 3320 and 3330 valves and only existed until 2007.


3 Function Transfer Valves:

  • 2 Independent Functions: allows you to independently run 2 separate devices one at a time

Example: Handheld shower only or showerhead only

  • 1 Shared Function: allows you to run 2 devices at the same time simultaneously

Example: Handheld shower and showerhead at the same time

Upper Handle Cartridge: 116719

  • Models prior to 2005 used a 1200 cartridge
  • Models after 2005 use the 116719 cartridge

Lower Handle Cartridge: 1225

3350 (CC)


This back plate is referred to as oval shaped.


2 Function Transfer Valve:

  • 2 Independent Functions: allows you to independently run 2 separate devices one at a time

Example: Handheld shower only or showerhead only

Upper Handle Cartridge: 162154

Lower Handle Cartridge: 1225


How to Identify Your Handle Type
Moen produces a variety of exterior trim kits (handle and escutcheon/backplates) for Moentrol with Integrated Transfer Valves. They are not assembled or repaired the same way. The articles below are listed based on the internal handle parts. To choose the correct articles, we will need to identify your handle type. Your shower system could have any combination of Handle Type A and B for either handle.

Handle Type A

This style of handle has a small removable cap at the front of the handle concealing a Phillips screw. Snag_1d9a26d.png

Handle Type B

This style of handle has a small hole on the underside of the handle that contains a hex screw.  Snag_1d96247.png

Handle Type A and B

Temperature/Flow Handle: Handle Type A

Transfer Handle: Handle Type B

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