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How to Operate a Single Handle Kitchen Faucet without a Handle (Prior to November 2006)

This guide will explain how to operate a Moen faucet with a broken or missing handle. If the faucet has been disassembled or is in the process of being serviced, follow the guidelines below to see what is required in order to safely operate the faucet.

If your faucet does not have a brass or silver cartridge stem, please see article How to Operate a Single Handle Kitchen Faucet without a Handle (After November 2006).

Tools Needed: Pliers  

Do not turn your home water supply on if the cartridge retainer clip or spout/retainer nut  (see image below) is missing or not securely in place.


Ensure the retainer clip is installed on the valve and the spout/retainer nut (different terms for different faucet styles) is still threaded on the spout. 

clip in and spout nut.png

Use pliers to turn the water on and off:

  1. Pull up on the brass cartridge stem to turn the water on.
  2. Push down to turn the water off. 

Use pliers to control the temperature:

  1. Turn counter-clockwise for hot water.
  2. Turn clockwise for cold water

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