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Kitchen Handle Side Mount: Slide On Dome


Moen produces a variety of Sidemount Handle faucets. The interior components and assembly are not the same for each model. This article will explain one of the most common handle assemblies referred to as a Slide on Dome. This mechanism was introduced in 2008. This faucet style utilizes a 1255 and the 4000 cartridges (Cartridge is based on model number).


slide on dome.png


*In some cases, accessing the hole in the handle might require loosening the faucet under the sink and rotating the body of the faucet.

*Some models may have a small round plug/cap covering the handle hole which will need to be removed before using the 3/32" Hex wrench.



  1. Insert a 3/32" Hex wrench into the hole in the handle (#2) and unthread the set screw (#1) counter-clockwise to loosen it until the handle (#2) can slide off. It is not recommended to remove the screw.
  2. Rotate the handle hub (#3) 90 degrees and pull it off the faucet.

If there is a white cartridge stem, see article 4000/40002 Cartridge: Kitchen Faucet to replace the cartridge.

If there is a metal cartridge stem, see article1255 Cartridge: Kitchen Faucet to replace the cartridge.


1. Rotate and push the stem of the cartridge downward so the two flat sides are facing up and down. Confirm that the two small tabs on the white ring surrounding the valve body are secure in the small notches in the black valve body.

assembly step 1.png

2. Align the two recessed cutouts on the inside of the handle hub (#3) with the two plastic tabs on the white ring and slide the handle hub (#3) onto the valve body. Next, rotate the handle hub (#3) 90-degrees. Ensure that the oblong opening in the handle hub (#3) is pointing downwards after the 90-degree rotation.

assembly step 2.png

3. Slide the handle (#2) onto the stem of the cartridge. Using a 3/32" Hex wrench, tighten the set screw (#1). Note: If you loosened the mounting hardware under the sink to rotate the faucet to gain access to the set screw, rotate the faucet back to the original position and tighten the mounting hardware.

For additional information on Moen products visit and select the type of product you are repairing. The guide will contain repair details, troubleshooting and specific information on assembling handles associated with that style of product.

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