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Replacing a Diverter Kit in a Roman Tub Free Standing Floor Mount

This article explains how to determine if your Floormount Roman Tub filler has a replaceable water flow diverter. It also contains detailed instructions on replacing the diverter if the faucet is serviceable.

The water supply shut off valves must be turned off- see article How to Turn Off the Water Supply to the Faucet. 

There are three versions of floormount diverters, one version is not serviceable. They are separated out by model numbers. If it is a Weymouth model S22110 or S22105, it is not serviceable. 

Version 1 Model Numbers: Arris S93005 Version 2 Model Numbers: All other models

Version 1 Model Numbers: Arris S93005

floormount diverter style 1.png



Image 1

diverter with tool.png

Recommended Tools: Removal Tool #2 (included with the diverter #2)


  1. Pull out on the diverter knob (#1) and keep it in the outward position while sliding the removal tool (#2) behind the diverter knob (#1). There are two flat sides on the diverter (#3) that the removal tool (#2) will fit around. See "Image 1".
  2. Rotate the removal tool (#2) counter-clockwise. The diverter knob (#1) will come out with the diverter (#3).
  3. Separate the diverter knob (#1) from the diverter (#3) by pulling the diverter knob (#1) off of the diverter (#3).


  1. Use the removal tool to thread the diverter (#3) into the valve body (#4).
  2. Firmly push the diverter knob (#1) onto the end of the diverter (#3).

Version 2 Model Numbers: All other models

floormount diverter.png

Recommended Tools: 3/32" Hex Wrench, Removal Tool #4 (included with the diverter knob kit #1 and diverter #2)


  1. Use a 3/32" hex wrench in the hole on the underside of the diverter knob (#1) to loosen the screw and remove the diverter knob (#1).
  2. Slide the removal tool (#4) around the diverter (#2) and rotate counter-clockwise to unthread it.


  1. Hold the hose elbow stationary (from the back of the faucet) and use the removal tool (#4) to thread and tighten the diverter (#2) into the valve body (#3).
    hold diverter arm.png
  2. Position the diverter knob (#1) back onto the front of the diverter (#2) and use a 3/32" hex wrench to tighten the screw.

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