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Shower Handle: 3500 Independent Transfer Valves

This article will provide instructions on how to replace the handle on a 3500 Five Function Transfer Valve.


  • The water supply shut off valves must be turned off- see article How to Turn Off the Water Supply to the Faucet.
  • Recommended Tools: Phillips Screwdriver, 5/64" Hex Wrench, 1 1/4" Deep Well Socket Wrench or the Tool Provided with the Trim Kit



1. To remove the handle (B), insert a 5/64" Hex wrench into the opening underneath the handle (B) and loosen the handle hex screw (A) by rotating clockwise. Remove the handle (B) by pulling it straight out on off.

2. While holding the handle adapter (D) stationary, use a Phillips screwdriver to unthread the handle screw (C). Slide the handle adapter (D) off.

3. To remove the mounting cup (F), use a 1 1/4" Deep Well Socket Wrench or the tool provided with the trim kit to unthread the escutcheon retainer nut (E). Pull the mounting cup (F) out and off. The escutcheon (G) will pull off from the wall. Note: There may be caulking on the wall around the escutcheon (G) which may cause some resistance.


1. To install the escutcheon (G), position it against the wall with the word "Moen" aligned at the bottom. With the slot on the back of the mounting cup (F) facing up, insert the mounting cup (F) through the escutcheon (G). Use a 1 1/4" Deep Well Socket Wrench or the tool provided with the trim kit, tighten the escutcheon nut (E) until the escutcheon (G) is flush against the wall.

2. To install the handle adapter (D), first ensure the notch on the stem of the cartridge is facing up (See Image 1). Next, position the handle adapter (D) with the rib pointing down (See Image 2). While holding the handle adapter (D) stationary, use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the handle screw (C).

Image 1


Image 2


3. Install the handle (B) by sliding it onto the handle adapter (D). Insert a 5/64" Hex wrench into the hole opening underneath the handle (B) and tighten handle hex screw (A) by rotating counter-clockwise.

For additional information on Moen products visit and select the type of faucet you are repairing. The faucet guide will contain repair details, troubleshooting and specific information on assembling handles associated with that style of product.

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