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Single Handle 4" Centerset Lever: Adapter (2002-2007)

Moen produces a variety of single handle bathroom faucets. The interior components and assembly are not the same for each model. This article will explain one of the most common handle assemblies referred to as an Adapter. This mechanism was introduced in 1996 and was used on a select group of product through 2009. this article explains the version between 2002-2007. During that time frame 3 versions existed. This faucet style utilizes a 1225 cartridge.


*Transition Collar (#8) varies by model

02-07 breakdown.png

Figure A

forward stem.png


  1. Pull the plug button (#1) out of the handle and use a 7/64" Hex wrench, remove the Hex screw (#2).
  2. Lift the handle (#3) off of the faucet and unthread the Phillips screw (#4).
  3. Lift off the connector/adapter (#5).
  4. Unscrew the gray plastic pivot retainer (#6) counterclockwise. If you encounter resistance, confirm the color of the pivot stop (#10). If it is gray, see article Single Handle 4" Centerset Lever: Adapter (2007-2009) for instructions.  If it is white, proceed with unthreading it.
  5. The finished transition collar (#8) lifts off. Lift the wavy washer (#7) off to remove.

If you need to replace the cartridge or the pivot stop (#10), confirm the water is off and use a flathead screwdriver to pull out the retainer clip (#9) from the back of the pivot stop (#10). Pull the pivot stop (#10) and washer (#11) off the faucet. For replacing the cartridge see article 1225 Cartridge: Single Handle Bathroom Faucets (Prior to 2009).


Make sure the notch on the flat side of the top of the cartridge stem is facing forward.

If the cartridge or pivot stop (#10) were replaced you must first place the washer (#11) on the cartridge stem. Next, slide the pivot stop (#10) on with the tooth at the back of the faucet. Slide the retainer clip (#9) into the slot on the pivot stop (#10). If you encounter any resistance, the cartridge may not be properly aligned, see article Installing a Cartridge Clip (1200 and 1225 Cartridge) for additional details.

  1. Place the wavy washer (#7) on top of the faucet and set the finished transition collar (#8) on top of the wavy washer (#7) with the large portion of the lip to the back of the faucet.
  2. Thread on the plastic pivot retainer (#6).
  3. Hook the lug on the adapter/connector (#5) into the groove on the pivot retainer (#6).  While attaching the connector (#5), notice the profile on the bottom of the black plastic connector (#5) aligns with the top of the cartridge stem.
    gen 2 adaptor connector.png
  4. Thread and tighten the Phillips screw (#4) and set the handle (#3) on top of the faucet.
  5. Use a 7/64" Hex wrench to install the Hex screw (#2) and push the plug button (#1) back in.

For additional information on Moen products visit and select the type of product you are repairing. The guide will contain repair details, troubleshooting and specific information on assembling handles associated with that style of product.

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