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Fixture Detection

This article includes detailed information on the: 

  • Flo by Moen app, also known as the Smart Water Network app or the Moen Smart Water app 
  • Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, also known as the Flo by Moen Water Shutoff 


The Flo system will automatically categorize your water usage in the Flo by Moen app, but you can help make the system more accurate by providing feedback. The system will automatically learn based on the feedback you provide.  You may approve the system’s assignment or reassign water events by doing the following. 

Open the Flo by Moen app, and you will see the main dashboard. Scroll down to the Fixtures card to view your water usage separated by fixture. View your water usage for the last 24 hours or last 7 days.

To access individual fixture events, click on ‘View More Details’ at the bottom of the Fixtures tab. Here you will see each individual water event, the time of day it occurred, and the gallons spent. If a recent water usage event has been improperly assigned, click on the event in question to reassign it. Choose ‘Wrong Fixture’, and relabel the event to the proper category. Just as helpful, let the app know when a fixture label is correct too, by selecting “Looks Good”. The more you correctly identify your fixtures, the smarter your Shutoff will become over time. 

Updates based on your feedback can take as long as 7 days, but rest assured that the feedback is coming and will be automatically updated. 

Watch this tutorial to learn more:

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