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High Water Pressure


 What does High Water Pressure mean?

High Water Pressure is a warning related to the home water system experiencing higher water pressure than normal at a certain period of time.  High Water Pressure can be very dangerous as it makes the home plumbing vulnerable to pipe bursts. As an analogy, imagine an air balloon that’s being pumped with excessive air.  At some point, that balloon is vulnerable to pop.

High Water Pressure is often caused by high water pressure being supplied to the home from a water utility. Your local water company might also keep the pressure high in your area to meet the needs of tall buildings or fire hydrants.

Do you live at the bottom of a hill? That's a common cause of high water pressure because water naturally runs downhill. High pressure can additionally be caused by thermal expansion inside your home as the water volume changes due to heating by your water heater.

If you have a water pump, your pump could also be excessively pumping water into the home’s plumbing system.

What do I do about High Water Pressure?

High Water Pressure is a warning related to the home water system experiencing higher water pressure than normal at a certain period of time.  

Average water pressure in the home is between 25-75 PSI. Many homes are required to have a pressure reducing valve (PRV) to avoid high water pressure being supplied to the home.  If your home doesn’t have a PRV, it may be time to get one.  

If you have a PRV, some PRV manufacturers recommend repairing, maintaining or replacing the PRV every five years. Inspect your home’s pressure reducing valve (PRV) for any signs of wear or damage. In some cases where the PRV needs repair, you may notice that your PRV is making a noise or leaking water when water is running. If there are no signs of damage or wear in your PRV, refer to the manufacturer's manual to adjust your PRV to a lower setting; this will help reduce high pressure stress on your plumbing and fixtures.

The most common effect of high pressure is leaks in your plumbing system. They may be tiny pinhole leaks, and may only come at intermittent times. Even a small leak can lead to much bigger problems if it occurs in a spot where it can damage your walls or floor. Inconsistent or high water pressure can also put stress on your appliances like your washing machine and your hot water heater, shortening their lifespan.

If you need further assistance contact your local plumber or contact Flo Support for more information.

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