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Valve Error


 What does Valve Error mean?

Valve Error is a system warning that the Manual Knob on your Smart Water Shutoff may not properly be in the Open or Close position, or may not be properly synced with the Flo System. While there is a Valve Error, your home may not be properly protected from water damage because the shutoff may not properly be working. It is therefore important to troubleshoot this issue as soon as possible.

What do I do about Valve Error?

From the Control Panel in your Flo by Moen app, try to Open and Close the valve.  If the On/Off toggle on the Control Panel is dimmed, or if you cannot Open or Close the water, it’s time to inspect your Smart Water Shutoff.

When looking at the Smart Water Shutoff, ensure that the Manual Knob on your device is free from any debris (leaves, twigs, pebbles etc.) that may be restricting the ability of the valve to be fully Open or Close. If you notice any debris, carefully remove them from the device  

Visually inspect the Manual Knob of the Smart Water Shutoff to see if it’s in the Open or Close position.  If it appears to be somewhere between Open or Close, try manually Opening or Closing the Manual Knob.  

For additional troubleshooting tips, contact Flo Support or call 844-Meet-Flo, especially if there is noise or damage when operating the shut off on your Smart Water Shutoff.

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