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Erratic Signals: Faucet Turning On Unintentionally (After 2015)

If your MotionSense: Dual Sensor-Hands Free faucet is turning on unintentionally, below are steps to get the faucet back to standard operation.
1. Confirm Lever Handle is firmly closed. Close the faucet handle and perform a reset.

2. Check the power source. If the power cord is pulled out slightly, the faucet could trigger an erratic signal.

  • If using batteries: Weak batteries can cause an erratic signal to the faucet. Ensure the batteries are installed correctly and are snug in the battery holder. Loose cables can cause the faucet to operate erratically. Only use Alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries are not recommended.
  • If using AC adapter, confirm the AC adapter is securely plugged into the outlet.


Gray Control Box


Black Control Box

3. Was the faucet recently installed? When plugging the power source in, all objects need to be at least 3' clear of the front or side sensor. Try to reset the faucet, staying under the sink until you hear the faucet cycle through (water turns on).

4. Reset to factory settings. See article Faucet Reset (2015-Present).

For a comprehensive faucet guide, visit and select the type of faucet you are repairing. The faucet guide will contain specific information associated with that style of product.  

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