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How to remove a broken 1222 PosiTemp cartridge

This article will explain the process of removing a PosiTemp when the brass stem has broken or pulled out of the middle of the cartridge body.

 When a shower handle becomes hard to rotate, it can put additional stress on the brass stem of the PosiTemp cartridge. This will occasionally cause the brass stem to break off, leaving the white body or "shell" of the cartridge stuck inside the brass valve body. In that situation, replacing the 1222 cartridge can be difficult.  Below are Moen's recommendations for the best method of removing the shell from the valve. 

Preparation: Shut off the water supply to the valve

The water supply shut-off valves must be turned off- see the article How to Turn Off the Water Supply to the Faucet.

Tools Needed:
7/16" Tap Wrench
The Process:
Standard 1222 appearance" A 1222 cartridge when the stem has broken: How to Remove the Stuck 1222 Shell:

Red Arrow= Retaining Clip



Red Arrow= Retaining Clip

Blue Arrow= Opening for Tap Wrench


Recommended Tool: 7/16" Tap Wrench


  1. Remove the retaining clip from the cartridge.
    • Note the clip may appear as a u-shaped copper color clip, or as a silver stainless colored wire clip. (See the red arrow in images)
  2. Thread the 7/16" tap wrench into the center opening of the shell, where the stem broke off. Blue arrow indicates where to thread the tap wrench.
    • The tap wrench should grab the interior walls of the shell. At this point, you can use the tap wrench to pull out the shell. 
  3. Inspect the interior of the valve for any remaining fragments of the cartridge.
  4. Prepare the valve for your new 1222 cartridge by cleaning and flushing the valve- For details see Valve Body Cleaning and Flushing
  5. Install your new 1222 cartridge following Moen's recommended procedure. For details see 1222 Cartridge: Single Handle Shower- PosiTemp
What if I cannot remove the 1222 cartridge following the steps above?

Unfortunately, there are rare occasions when this process does not work. Before you attempt any other remedy, we recommend you contact Moen for further assistance at 1-800-Buy-Moen (1-800-289-6636).



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