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Shower Faucet: Leaking Issues- Independent Transfer Valves

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What is a Vertical Spa?

A transfer valve is designed to divert water in a shower. It is often installed in a custom shower system called a Vertical Spa.  These spa systems usually have multiple showerheads, body sprays, and handheld showers that operate independently or in tandem.  A transfer valve by itself cannot control the water flow or temperature, that’s why it is installed with a second valve referred to as a mixing valve. Moen has created many transfer and mixing valves since the first Vertical Spa was introduced in 2000. When troubleshooting this type of shower, you may need to identify the mixing and transfer valve to correct your issue.

How do I know what type of valve is behind the decorative trim?

The best way of distinguishing the transfer valve from the mixing valve is by the features that it controls or operates.

  • The mixing valve is behind the handle in your shower responsible for the water flow on/off.
  • The transfer valve is usually installed above the mixing valve and characteristically has a smaller trim plate. When the mixing valve is turned on, the transfer valve handle can be rotated to activate the individual shower devices to operate independently. Some transfer valves also offer a setting where two or more of the devices will work simultaneously, also referred to as a shared function.


How do I know which valve needs to be serviced? 
Transfer Valve Shower systems that experience symptoms of one shower device leaking after transferring water to another device or if water is leaking around the transfer valve handle indicates there is a problem with the transfer valve. 
Mixing Valve Mixing valves are responsible for supplying water to the entire shower system. A shower system that exhibits water leaking/dripping 24 hours a day when the mixing valve handle is in the off position indicates there is a problem with the mixing valve. 
Shower Device

Showering devices do not control water flow.

  • If the shower device is leaking after transfer to another device, this indicates a transfer valve issue.
  • If there is a 24 hours a day leak or drip this indicates a mixing valve issue.
Valves- The symptoms and how to solve the problem:

Compare the mixing and transfer valve troubleshooting guides below for information on how to correct shower system issues. At the beginning of each guide, there will be instructions on how to navigate each section.


MIXING VALVE SYMPTOMSLeaking: Continuous 24 Hour Leak/Drip or Leak Around the Handle

Here are definitions of the two most common leak issues

  • Leaking: Continuous leaking 24/7: The shower system continues running or dripping when the mixing valve handle is in the off position. 
  • Leaking: Leak Around the Handle: When the water is turned on and you see water coming out from around the mixing valve handle. 

Moen Vertical Spa systems are designed to be used with a number of different mixing valves. You will first need to review Column 1 to determine which mixing valve is in your shower system. If you know your mixing valve number, it will be located in Column 2. Once you have identified your mixing valve, move to Column 3 for your recommended solution.

Column 1: Valve  Column 2: Valve Numbers Column 3: Solution

1/2" Exact Temp

Click here

Retired: 2006

3301, 3321

Replace the Mixing valve cartridge see article, 1248 Cartridge: 1/2" Exact Temp Valve



Click here


3510, 3520, 3550, 3570, 63110, 63120, 63130, 63150, 63170, 63180, S935, 63140, 63160


Replace the Mixing valve cartridge see article, 1225 Cartridge: Single Handle Shower-Moentrol Valve


Click here

2580, 2590, 2326PF, 2385PF, 62300, 62320, 62330, 62340, 62345, 62360, 62365, 62370, 62380, 62385

Replace the Mixing valve cartridge see article, 1222 Cartridge: Single Handle Shower- PosiTemp

M-Core 2 Series: This system controls the water temperature only.

Click here

M-Core 3 Series: This system controls the water temperature and the volume of water.

Click here

U130CI, U130CIS, U130CX, U130CXS, U130X, U130X, U140C, U140CIS, U140CX, U140CXS, U140V, U140VS, U140X,U140XS

M-Core 2 Series: Replace the Mixing valve cartridge see article:

M-Core 3 Series: Replace the Mixing valve cartridge see article:


TRANSFER VALVE SYMPTOMS: Leaking: Leak/Drip when Transferring/Diverter or Leak Around the Handle
Symptom Solution

Leaking: Transferring/Diverting Water From One Shower Device to Another-When using an independent function, water leaks from one device after diverting water to another device. 

Example: System has a showerhead and a handheld shower

  • Showerhead- leaks/drip
  • Handheld shower- no leak/drip


Leaking: Water Around Transfer Valve Handle-When the water is turned on and you see water coming out from around the transfer valve handle. 

Replace the Transfer (Diverter) valve cartridge:


For additional information on Moen products visit and select the type of faucet you are repairing. The faucet guide will contain repair details, troubleshooting and specific information on assembling handles associated with that style of product.

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